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Hanging DIY toothbrush holder – A wonderful space saving option

It is the desire of every home owner to make his home the most beautiful place on Earth for himself as well as his family. Therefore, he undertakes remodeling projects and tries to change the overall look, feel and ambiance in almost every room present in the home. If he is short on budget and will not be able to undertake expensive renovations and remodeling ventures, then there are always present some small changes that can be made to derive that beautiful effect to the appearance of the home. Some creativity added with proper and wise thinking will help to beautify the available space and also to enhance functionality as well as comfort and convenience of all the family members. One such addition is the Cute Toothbrush Holder.

Cute Toothbrush Holder

A wonderful bathroom accessory

The bathroom being one of the most frequently visited rooms by family members and guests in the home, needs to be given proper facelift. There are few accessories that can make the list of additions to the bathroom space to increase its appeal and comfort factor, without actually considering total demolition or having to spend a fortune. The changes may perhaps include new wall color, new faucet or the extra fancy, Cute Toothbrush Holder.

Hanging toothbrush holder

For carrying out this DIY hanging toothbrush holder installation project, the person just needs to be a bit creative and have the essential supplies readily available with him. He is to have handy supplies like glass vase, any strong adhesive that will serve perfectly the purpose, brass nail heads, and piece of wood and scrap leather.


  • The work is to be initiated by cutting down the scrap leather to make it 1” wide and 10” long in size.
  • The leather is to be attached to the wood board’s side using nail heads.
  • Then the glass vase is to be placed and some adhesive placed on its front. The leather is to be stretched tightly as possible across the vase. It is to be then nailed on the board’s other side. Excess leather is to be trimmed off.
  • The remainder leather is to be placed on the board’s top center and nailed it in proper place.
  • Then place drywall anchor right into the wall.
  • The screw is to be drilled into drywall anchor, directly through leather. It will hold the cute toothbrush holder tight and nice.
  • The post is to be then broken off from one nail head. Add some adhesive inside it.
  • This is to be the placed over the screw top to hide its end, while excess leather is to be trimmed off.

cute toothbrush holder

This way, by following the above DIY instructions, it is possible to have the Cute Toothbrush Holder installed at the right place, where it can be accessed easily by children and adults alike. The web is full of interesting DIY tips and suggestions of how the toothbrush holder can be installed the right way and as desired.

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Why are these accessories highly coveted?

When it comes to the selection of the soap dispensers, the majority of the buyers will opt for the Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser. Why are these products so popular among the buyers? Paragraphs underneath shall explore the key reasons.

Accessories that will serve you for the longest span of time

The primary factor that you can account beyond the massive demand of the Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser is that these products offer you the longest durability. Stainless steel is a corrosion and rust proof material and it features a robust strength. As such, these products can withstand the wear and tear. Thus, these items will go on serving you for the longest span of time. This way, you can escape the expenses for replacing the units at frequent intervals.

You get the products within the most reasonable rates

The benefit in picking the Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser is not only in terms of its extended life, but, these products come for the most competitive rates. Thus, opting for these items, you get to a win-win standing from the perspectives of the product quality as well as its price. You should approach the top providers for getting an inexhaustible collection of these items, coming across a wide range of budget.

Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

You don’t have to put excessive efforts and time for cleaning the products

As with the other accessories and fittings for the bathroom, the soap dispensers (Homerises) require cleaning at regular intervals. In that regard, Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser is a worthy option to opt for as you will be able to clean it, putting the minimum effort and time.

Visit the leading stores for bathroom accessories and home furnishing items for getting an instant solution to your needs, within your spending plan. Bring home these products with the assurance that you will get substantial value for your money.

How to get the top quality Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Drain at the most inexpensive rates

The Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Drain are enticing choices as bathroom accessories. Are you planning to install these accessories in your bathroom? If yes, the paragraphs underneath shall guide how to get these accessories of the best quality at the modest rates.

Approach the top and reputed manufacturers

The easiest yet the simplest way to find the best quality Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Drain at the most reasonable rates, you should approach the top and reputed providers. These providers maintain a massive portfolio of options as well as ensure the qualitative standing of the products. Likewise, these providers always comply to the fair pricing policies and hence, they will be offering the superlative quality products at the most inexpensive rates. Thus, dealing with these providers, you will win the deal on the aspect of the product quality as well as the price.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Drain

You should explore the special deals and discount

You should shop around for the special deals and discount on the purchase of the Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Drain (Home Rises) that will enable you to buy the best quality products, escaping the need to spend an extravagant amount of money. If truth be told, availing these deals, you can downsize the cost of the premium accessories by 50% of the usual cost or even higher.

You can try the pre-owned products

The Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Drain offers long durability and hence, retains the actual shape and look for the longest span of time. Hence, if you are on tight budget, you should consider opting for the purchase of the second-hand products that comes for a much lesser cost, compared with the cost for the brands new products.

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Tips for Buying Mini Pendant Lights for Your Home


Mini pendant lights can add contemporary look and an intimate feel to your home. They are less expensive than the larger chandeliers and their smaller size make them more versatile to be used in different spaces of your home. There are also greater options in grouping these mini pendant lights for creating aesthetic look. The key tips for buying mini pendant lights for your home are provided below:


Considering the size of lights is important before buying mini pendant lights. The best size depends on your intended usage of the light. If you will be using a single mini pendant light, then you can choose a larger size. On the other hand, if a group of lights will be used, then smaller size lights can also provide sufficient illumination. You may also use different size of lights when grouping them to create visual appeal and effects. The size of the room or space where the lights will be used also decides the light size to be used. Larger rooms with higher ceilings can accommodate larger-sized lights without creating harsh lighting. Using too large lights can create distractions which is not desirable.

Mini Pendant Lights
Mini Pendant Lights

Colors and Finishes

There are many different types of colors and finishes when it comes to choosing mini pendant lights. You can choose lights which match with the color scheme of the room and other decorative items. Though it is not mandatory for the lights to match exactly with everything, color-coordinated lights add visual appeal to your home. If your rooms use warmer color tones like browns, reds, yellows, etc. then they will be complemented by mini pendant lights with warmer metal finish like bronze or gold. Nickel or silver metal finishes go well in rooms with cooler color tones like blue or gray. You can also consider buying lights with black or white finishes which are neutral and work well with either color tones.

Overall Styles

A good mini pendant light should blend well with the overall style of your house. If your house sports a modern and contemporary look, then you should shop for lights which complement that style. Lights which come in different geometric shapes and use contemporary elements like glass, chrome, etc. are best suited for such houses. If you want a more traditional and classical look, then you should prefer lights with ornate metalwork, floral motifs, etc. You can also find pendant lights which blend well with any style. Such lights are a good choice if you want to keep changing the overall style of your house with time.

Outdoor Pendant Lighting
Light Sources

The type of light source for the lights should depend on the intended use. If you want to use the lights in your bedroom or living rooms, then softer lighting is better. You can choose lights with frosted shade in such situations. You can also opt for buying dimmer switches which let you adjust the brightness of the lights. This creates a different mood which can be customized depending upon your needs. Choosing LED bulbs is better as they are cost-effective in the long run, are eco-friendly, provide better illumination, and last much longer than the regular incandescent bulbs.

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How to Buy the Best Kids Cuckoo Clock


A good quality cuckoo clock gives a vintage feel to your home. They can last for many years if you take good care of them. You will find a wide variety of cuckoo clocks in the market from which to choose from. The key tips which can help you to buy the best kids’ cuckoo clock are discussed below:

Buy from a Reputed Manufacturer

Novelty Wall Clocks
Novelty Wall Clocks

In order to buy the best kids’ cuckoo clock, you should always make it a point to buy from a reputed manufacturer. You will get the good quality and manufacturer’s warranty by purchasing from them. Another point to remember while purchasing a good cuckoo clock is to purchase only handmade ones, as they have better quality of craftsmanship.

Consider the Pricing

You should consider the pricing of the cuckoo clock before choosing the best one for yourself. The more intricate and detailed a cuckoo clock is, the higher it is likely to be priced. One-day movement clocks are usually less expensive than eight-day movement clocks. If you want to buy clocks with more musical instruments and wider range of melodies, then you will need to spend more. Handmade clocks with detailed carvings and finishes are also priced higher than cuckoo clocks without such intricate designs. Larger sized clocks and clocks with night shut feature will also be costlier than clocks without these features.

Choose the Style Based on Your Needs

Cool Clocks
Cool Clocks

Kids cuckoo clocks come in two distinct styles- chalet clocks and carved clocks. Chalet clocks come in a house design. The design is mostly in the form of an alpine house and other figurines which may be moving and enacting daily life activities. Carved clocks depict popular scenes from nature. They can be in the form of animals, trees, leaves, etc.

Movement Type

Kids cuckoo clocks are of two types- mechanical movement and quartz movement clocks. The key difference between them is that you don’t have to wind the clock for making them work in a quartz movement variant. The traditional kids cuckoo clock feature mechanical movements and need to be to regularly wound in order for them to work. These clocks come with either a one-day movement or eight-day movement which needs to be wound daily or weekly respectively. The movements of the clock are controlled by weights. Quartz cuckoo clocks are powered by battery and need not be wound. Choosing between these two types of clocks depends largely on personal preferences as both of them work fine.

Cuckoo Calls

There are different types of cuckoo calls in kids’ cuckoo clocks. The mechanism through which the cuckoo sound is produced is different for mechanical and quartz movement clocks. The cuckoo sound is produced through the clock movements in a mechanical movement. There are two air chambers which are filled with air and produce the cuckoo whistling sound. Some clocks will also feature a cuckoo which comes out and flaps its wings along with producing the sound. On the other hand, quartz movement clocks produce the cuckoo whistling sound electronically.

Kids Cuckoo Clocks | Clocks For
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How to Buy the Square Shower head for Your Bathroom


A good shower is the perfect way to start your day. There are many different types of square showerheads in the market with varying features and specifications. You may consider the following while buying the ideal square shower head for your bathroom:

Installation Type

You will need to consider the installation type for faucets in your bathroom before buying the right square showerhead. Wall mount shower heads extend from the walls of your bathroom. They come in different styles- standard, offset, and extended. Ceiling mount showerheads hang directly from the ceiling and spray water over your head. You will get a more even water flow and body coverage when using this variant as the showerhead is attached directly to the ceiling. Installing ceiling mount showerheads requires more time and money compared to the wall mount ones.

Stainless Steel Hand Shower
Stainless Steel Hand Shower


The material of the square showerhead is an important consideration before buying. If you want a high-quality showerhead, then choose the ones made with brass. They are very long-lasting and highly rust and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel is another good material choice for showerheads. They are also resistant to rust and corrosion and durable too. It is very convenient to clean them and they are truly low maintenance showerheads which can withstand extreme temperatures. If you want to save money then you may also consider buying plastic showerheads, however, it is recommended to buy a good quality showerhead made from metal.

Waterflow Rate

You should know the water flow rate of the showerheads before buying it. Older showerheads used to provide nearly 8 gallons of water per minute. However, the newer variants are more eco-friendly and provide about 2.5 gallons per minute. If you live in a water-scare city then you should choose a showerhead with low water flow rate.

Type of Nozzles

Square showerheads come with different types of nozzles. Raised nozzles can provide a seamless and powerful spray. Generally, the raised nozzles are removable which makes it easier to clean the sediment buildup in them. Then there are silicone nozzles which are durable and clog-resistant. These nozzles are low maintenance and will not take much of your time and money towards cleaning and maintenance. The most commonly used nozzles in square showerheads is flat nozzles. Flat nozzles create a minimalistic and neat look. They are also very easy to clean by simply wiping them with a clean cloth.

Designer Shower Head
Designer Shower Head

Check the Spray Settings

Showerheads come with different types of spray settings. Mist spray setting is ideal if you want a gentle and soft experience. You can choose rain shower spray setting for a more natural shower experience. It will provide you a drenching rain-shower type of bath experience with maximum body coverage. there are showerheads which provide power spray mode which offers more water pressure. This setting can be used for concentrating the water flow to a particular part of the body for intensive cleaning and washing. You should prefer showerheads which offer the maximum types of spray settings as they will be more versatile and provide value for money.

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Best Wall Towel Racks to Buy in 2020


Wall towel racks are used for hanging towels and keeping bathroom essentials in one place. It creates more floor space and adds visual appeal to the bathroom. The best wall towel racks to buy in 2020 are discussed below:

Organize It All Satin Nickel Glass Shelf

This wall towel rack is built using a sturdy frame and tempered glass. It comes with satin nickel finish. It is a perfect wall tower rack for a contemporary bathroom. Its clean design and lovely satin nickel finish can add a classy and contemporary décor to any bathroom. The towel bar is wide which makes it easier to hang multiple towels simultaneously. The towel bar rotates which is another added advantage. The tempered glass surface is strong and can accommodate all your bathroom essentials and bath accessories at one place. This also helps to create more floor space in your bathroom. The wall towel rack weighs only 2.7 pounds and comes with the mounting hardware needed to install it.

Bathroom Foldable Wall Towel Rack

Swinging Towel Rack
Swinging Towel Rack

This wall towel rack is made from high-quality and heavy-duty stainless steel and zinc metal alloy which ensures its durability. It features clean and contemporary design and houses concealed screws. It has chrome finishing which not only gives it a glossy and clean look, it also protects it from rust and corrosion. Another benefit of using this towel rack is that it comes in one-piece and there is no further assembling required. You can install it very easily as it comes with all the mounting hardware. It also features hook design which provides more utility for hanging clothes and towels. It can take a maximum load of up to 10Kgs.

5-Piece Towel Rack

This 5-piece wall towel rack completes your bathroom. The 5-piece kit holds has an 18-inch towel bar, a 24-inch towel bar, a towel ring, a toilet paper holder, and a multi-purpose hook. This wall towel rack is made from zinc die-cast which ensures high quality and long durability. The installation is very easy and hassle-free as it comes with all the mounting items. You can get the installation done on your own in a few minutes. The wall rack measures 25.5x 13x 9-inches and weighs 2.85 pounds. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. You just need to wipe it clean with a damp cloth for cleaning it.

Creative Bath Organizer Complete Collection 2 Shelf Wall Organizer

Brass Bathroom Shelf
Brass Bathroom Shelf

The Creative Bath Organizer provides an immaculate blend of beauty and utility. It comes in a pearl nickel finish which is scratch and corrosion-resistant. This wall towel rack can be quickly assembled. The assembly tools and instructions are provided in the package. The wall towel rack measures 20x 8.2x 18-inches and weighs just 4 pounds.

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Give a Unique Touch with Modern Bronze Toilet Paper Holder

Bronze is an alloy featuring tin and copper in different proportions. It may also have other metals as inclusions. Have you given a thought to buying a bronze toilet paper holder? If not, it is time to consider one and have a closer look at the sizes, shapes, and designs.

Create a style

The modern homes are all about style and functionality. There is a need to have a toilet paper holder as a stand and the modern roll holders come in different types fulfilling the functions. The toilet paper holder choices represent elegance. It offers a unique touch with each material or a particular design. Creating a style is possible in using different materials aiming for a decorative style.

  • The wooden toilet paper holders give a rustic look to the bathrooms.
  • The steel or aluminum toilet paper holder gives a purpose-serving look.
  • Chrome choices in association with faucets offer a modern style.

Traditional choices feature a minimalist design. While having an upwards curved style looks distinct. There are rounded covers that ensure covering the entire roll. It prevents the dust from settling on the paper. A bronze toilet paper holder is an oriented choice that goes with modern designs and its variants.

Antique Bronze Toilet Paper Holder
Antique Bronze Toilet Paper Holder

Installing toilet paper holder

The toilet paper holder placement is important. It is crucial to position it in one direction as it is of use daily. There is a need to have it installed offering easy reach.

  • Ensure the bronze toilet paper holder is 26 inches from the floor and around 8 to 10 inches positioned in the bowl-front.

Standard Placement

vintage Toilet Paper Holder
vintage Toilet Paper Holder

The toilet sits within reach and the toilet paper holder is to the wall side facing to the front of the toilet.

Varied Placement

In case the bathroom lacks a side wall, it is mounted within reach to a nearby side wall of the cabinet. It can also be a freestanding holder that can have its base and is movable to the desired location.

Why Bronze toilet paper holder?

Bronze is an alloy that is human being developed. There are valuable reasons to use bronze toilet paper holder and this is focused on this alloy.

  • It is a combination of metals making it harder to copper. It has ductility and stiffness as properties that it is suitable as a toilet paper holder.
  • Bronze is not new. It was used even with early civilizations. It is also regarded as the antibacterial component, making it ideal for bathroom toilet paper holders.
  • Bronze is reusable owing to its versatility and being the hardest metal, it is put to use immediately.
  • Bronze in combination with oxygen present in the air does not harm inside. Its oxide layer protects the metal inside from corrosion that it is perfect as a toilet paper holder.
  • Bronze has low friction with other metals. It has a golden color that gives the toilet paper holder an elevated look.

Above all, last but not the least Bronze is an alloy that does not rust and as it has copper as a component, it is strong. › p=5117
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Affordable Luxury Table Runner (Gold) Online

You might have seen and used the gold table runner in a holiday, Christmas, Halloween and thanksgiving party. When it comes to buying them for your function, you will know its real usage and features. It is not simply as aesthetic material for serving food. It has many decorative features one must keep in mind while arranging them. The table runners are available in the shape of a rectangle and oblong. You can buy from 59-inches to 120-inches in size. These are one-time use materials. Here, we have mentioned its usage and from where to buy the affordable table runner in gold color.

Gold Table Runner on Rental

Holiday Table Runner
Holiday Table Runner

The table runners made of fabrics and plastic material with golden colors are available on a rental basis. You can check this online for a nearby party accessories rental shop. They will be having the below-mentioned table runners for a banquet party.

  • Gold glitter table runner
  • Gold table runner plastic
  • Rose gold table runner

You can even hire the table runner boys to look after the food serving and cleaning activities. They are the best people to lay a gold table runner in a proper manner.

Table Runner Rentals for Weddings

The gold table runner is necessary for the wedding party. In some regions, it is a custom to use the table runner in gold color. This is for aesthetic and shows the richness of the groom and bride too. The food served on them will look attractive; however, you must have a table runner arranger to place them according to table size, shape, and aesthetic needs to place food items. It is advisable to hire them on rental. This will be wise as you are going to use them on your wedding party only.

Buy Gold Table Runner Online

Modern Table Runner
Modern Table Runner

If you conduct frequent parties in your home, a gold table runner is necessary for your home. The smart way to buy an affordable one is to shop online. There are many table runners available for various types of partying and functions. You can check its gold color, designs and length before buying them. When you buy from the online channels, they will give a vast discount. You will also get a free shipment. They will send your materials in a free from tampering pack. When you compare with the rental pack, the new one you buy will worth more.

The need for a gold table runner will rise when you wish to arrange food in a luxurious manner. They will add beauty to your dining. In this way, you can serve food many times by just changing the table runner. There will be very fewer items to clean on your dining table or a long table kept for a buffet dinner. The gold paper runner is for one-time use. However, you can use the fabric type for more than one time. Yet you must see the hygiene and throw away when they are worn-out or not neat.

Get A Beautiful Wall With A Gold Wall Clock

It is not enough that you have designed your home in the best manner and have got beautiful interiors. You must enhance the look with fixtures that will make the room more beautiful. While the interior designers will take care of the color of your walls to match the total design, you can add fixtures on them to make them more beautiful. A gold wall clock is one of the best ways to make your walls beautiful.

Make Your Walls Interesting

Whatever colors you may paint on your walls they are going to be boring wide areas in your homes. You must do something to make them interesting. There are many things you can hang on your walls to increase their beauty. But you must make sure that the colors should match the walls and not clash with the interior look of the room.

Gold Wall Clock
Gold Wall Clock

Show Your Style In The Living Rooms

One of the best ways to improve the look of the wall of your living room is to hand a gold wall clock on it. The advantage of gold is that its color matches with almost all the colors that a wall will be painted with. Hanging it on the living room wall will go on to show off your style. It is going to tell your guests that you are a person with class.

Using The Gold Wall Clock In The Best Way

Just hanging the gold wall clock on your walls will not do much to show your style. There can be many ways you can make them represent you and your family. Making a gold clock with photos of your family on them is one way to make the clock more personal.

You can make these clocks in the old style with pendulums. These wall clocks usually come with a picture frame which can contain your family photo. Another way to personalize your living room is to hang clocks with the time of your kids’ birth. These clocks need not work and making them in gold will only show your love for your kids.

More personalization is possible with hanging a gold wall clock each representing the time of countries where your dear ones are living. You can have each clock showing the time of a country where each of your kids is living now. Every time you look at them you can fondly remember your children and their childhood days.

Luxury Brass Wall Clock
Luxury Brass Wall Clock

An Excellent Gift Item

A gold wall clock can be an excellent gift item. Make a custom-made clock that will include something personal about the recipient of the gift. You can include the person’s photo. You can even add inscriptions of the person’s speeches if you are gifting the clock to a person who has inspired you. You can present it to your parents on their golden wedding anniversary with their wedding photos in a gold frame on the clock.

Instead of getting the clock in standard models you must explore ways of making the clock special and personal for yourself or the one who you are gifting it to. It is easy to personalize clocks as the clock movement can be fitted into most shapes.