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How to Install Floor Mounted Door Stop

Floor Mounted Door Stop is home device or an object that is mounted against the wall or floor to hold or support a door to ensure that it stays closed so that it doesn’t bang against the door frames or the wall. Floor mounted door stops are also mounted against the wall or floor to hold or support doors in perfect open positions.

You can also use floor mounted door stop to prevent your door from handles from knocking or hitting against your wall because this might cause damages to the door. Unlike many years ago when floor mounted door stops were being made out of concrete blocks or wooden blocks and other very thick and heavy materials, today’s doorstops are made out of aluminum metal and silver with rubber. These are very simple, but stylish materials.

While many people admire these floor mounted door steps, they sometimes avoid them because they think installing them is not easy. If you are among them, then here are the steps you should follow when installing a floor mounted door stop.

Step 1
First, open the door and let it rest at the exact position where you would want it to always reach. The ideal position is where your doorknob is about 3" away from your wall. At this position, you will be able to prevent scaring that could be caused on the wooden wall by the doorknob bumps.

Floor Mounted Door Stop

Step 2
Now, you need to use your one hand to hold the door firmly, and the other hand should be placing a pencil at your door’s inside edge. Use the pencil to put a mark. It is this mark that you will use to know the exact point to fix your floor mounted door stop. It’s worth noting that the inside of your door is that side with hinges on it.

Step 3
Next, close the door and measure 2" from the pencil mark towards the point where hinges are, and then mark that point with a pencil. If you have done it correctly, this pencil mark will be just a short distance away from your wall. It should be about 2 – 3 inches away from your wall.

Step 4
Find out if your floor mounted door stop features a base plate. If that’s the case, then you now need to screw that base plate to make a hole at the middle. Identify the second mark you drew with a pencil, and position the base plate of your door stop at the inside of that mark. After that, you should now screw down that base plate all the way through the hole at the middle.


Step 5
Now, take the top and screw it back until it fits very tight.

Step 6
Hummer the top of the awl that is on the second pencil mark, and make sure that the diameter of the wood screw or nail is larger than the awl.

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Step 7
You can now test your door. To do so, open and let your door rest on the floor mounted door stop. The door stop should not move, and the doorknob should not hit your wall.

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