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Things to know about installing grab bars

It is to be noted that bathroom is one of the most dangerous parts of your house. It is applicable when it comes to elderly people. Injuries in kitchen are very common. These may be inclusive of burns, bruises and so on. Nonetheless, apart from it, slipping and falling in the shower is even more common. Most of the elderly people are more prone to slipping and falling. However, you can prevent this risk by installing brass grab bars into your bathroom. You should look into those grab bars properly before purchasing one. These grab bars have a lot of benefits to offer.

Antique Brass grab bars

What should you know?
As per national standards, installing grab bars in a bathroom has become mandatory. To ensure the safety of your elderly citizens, you should install these grab bars under your shower. Nevertheless, make sure to look after the size and weight properly. These brass grab bars are of different styles and shapes. These usually depends on the types of the surfaces and showers.

  1. Ensure they are installed properly

The brass grab bars, should be installed in your bathroom properly. You should make sure that these grab bars are so installed that the grip should be strong. This will help to protect you against slipping on the slippery floor. Install the grab bars near the showers properly and attach it under the shower.

  1. Improves stability

These brass grab bars can play an important role in improving your stability. They will help to prevent you against the incidents of falling in the shower due to the slippery floor. Holding them, you can effectively enter as well as exit the shower. This will offer you support and is beneficial for individuals who have problem in walking. People who walk holding a cane or walker can benefit from using the grab bars.

Golden Grab Bar

  1. Ensures independence

Using the brass grab bars, you can have independence in your house without depending on anyone else. If you are into the habit of taking shower, you can definitely install the grab bars. Rather than buying an expensive one, you should prefer buying one affordable grab bar that can offer you proper support. You do not need to buy too expensive things, you can buy affordable ones that can prove to be efficient to you.

  1. Feel safe in your home

Many senior citizens are under the fear of walking into the shower, since they might slip and fall. But even your elder family members should be able to bathe comfortably into their room. Whenever you are installing brass grab bars into your bathroom, you should check that it is done properly. This will help your elderly citizens to feel comfortable while bathing without the fear of falling.

The brass grab bars installed in your house can play an important role in improving stability and safety around your house. You need to invest low amount in installing them and you can continue using them for a long period of time. Also, if they are maintained properly, you wouldn’t need to remodel them from time to time. You can keep a check on them efficiently.