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Tips for Buying Mini Pendant Lights for Your Home


Mini pendant lights can add contemporary look and an intimate feel to your home. They are less expensive than the larger chandeliers and their smaller size make them more versatile to be used in different spaces of your home. There are also greater options in grouping these mini pendant lights for creating aesthetic look. The key tips for buying mini pendant lights for your home are provided below:


Considering the size of lights is important before buying mini pendant lights. The best size depends on your intended usage of the light. If you will be using a single mini pendant light, then you can choose a larger size. On the other hand, if a group of lights will be used, then smaller size lights can also provide sufficient illumination. You may also use different size of lights when grouping them to create visual appeal and effects. The size of the room or space where the lights will be used also decides the light size to be used. Larger rooms with higher ceilings can accommodate larger-sized lights without creating harsh lighting. Using too large lights can create distractions which is not desirable.

Mini Pendant Lights
Mini Pendant Lights

Colors and Finishes

There are many different types of colors and finishes when it comes to choosing mini pendant lights. You can choose lights which match with the color scheme of the room and other decorative items. Though it is not mandatory for the lights to match exactly with everything, color-coordinated lights add visual appeal to your home. If your rooms use warmer color tones like browns, reds, yellows, etc. then they will be complemented by mini pendant lights with warmer metal finish like bronze or gold. Nickel or silver metal finishes go well in rooms with cooler color tones like blue or gray. You can also consider buying lights with black or white finishes which are neutral and work well with either color tones.

Overall Styles

A good mini pendant light should blend well with the overall style of your house. If your house sports a modern and contemporary look, then you should shop for lights which complement that style. Lights which come in different geometric shapes and use contemporary elements like glass, chrome, etc. are best suited for such houses. If you want a more traditional and classical look, then you should prefer lights with ornate metalwork, floral motifs, etc. You can also find pendant lights which blend well with any style. Such lights are a good choice if you want to keep changing the overall style of your house with time.

Outdoor Pendant Lighting
Light Sources

The type of light source for the lights should depend on the intended use. If you want to use the lights in your bedroom or living rooms, then softer lighting is better. You can choose lights with frosted shade in such situations. You can also opt for buying dimmer switches which let you adjust the brightness of the lights. This creates a different mood which can be customized depending upon your needs. Choosing LED bulbs is better as they are cost-effective in the long run, are eco-friendly, provide better illumination, and last much longer than the regular incandescent bulbs.

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