How to Buy the Square Shower head for Your Bathroom


A good shower is the perfect way to start your day. There are many different types of square showerheads in the market with varying features and specifications. You may consider the following while buying the ideal square shower head for your bathroom:

Installation Type

You will need to consider the installation type for faucets in your bathroom before buying the right square showerhead. Wall mount shower heads extend from the walls of your bathroom. They come in different styles- standard, offset, and extended. Ceiling mount showerheads hang directly from the ceiling and spray water over your head. You will get a more even water flow and body coverage when using this variant as the showerhead is attached directly to the ceiling. Installing ceiling mount showerheads requires more time and money compared to the wall mount ones.

Stainless Steel Hand Shower
Stainless Steel Hand Shower


The material of the square showerhead is an important consideration before buying. If you want a high-quality showerhead, then choose the ones made with brass. They are very long-lasting and highly rust and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel is another good material choice for showerheads. They are also resistant to rust and corrosion and durable too. It is very convenient to clean them and they are truly low maintenance showerheads which can withstand extreme temperatures. If you want to save money then you may also consider buying plastic showerheads, however, it is recommended to buy a good quality showerhead made from metal.

Waterflow Rate

You should know the water flow rate of the showerheads before buying it. Older showerheads used to provide nearly 8 gallons of water per minute. However, the newer variants are more eco-friendly and provide about 2.5 gallons per minute. If you live in a water-scare city then you should choose a showerhead with low water flow rate.

Type of Nozzles

Square showerheads come with different types of nozzles. Raised nozzles can provide a seamless and powerful spray. Generally, the raised nozzles are removable which makes it easier to clean the sediment buildup in them. Then there are silicone nozzles which are durable and clog-resistant. These nozzles are low maintenance and will not take much of your time and money towards cleaning and maintenance. The most commonly used nozzles in square showerheads is flat nozzles. Flat nozzles create a minimalistic and neat look. They are also very easy to clean by simply wiping them with a clean cloth.

Designer Shower Head
Designer Shower Head

Check the Spray Settings

Showerheads come with different types of spray settings. Mist spray setting is ideal if you want a gentle and soft experience. You can choose rain shower spray setting for a more natural shower experience. It will provide you a drenching rain-shower type of bath experience with maximum body coverage. there are showerheads which provide power spray mode which offers more water pressure. This setting can be used for concentrating the water flow to a particular part of the body for intensive cleaning and washing. You should prefer showerheads which offer the maximum types of spray settings as they will be more versatile and provide value for money.

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