Table Runners as decorative details in your home

Beautiful decorated table that will enrich the ambiance and enhance the impression of serving the meal will also make the eating experience much more pleasant. It reflects the attitude of the host towards the guests, meal and the occasion. Decorating the table is not just a choice of the tablecloth, plates and cutlery, but also high-quality, matching table runners. There are lots of different choices in the market, both in terms of colours and materials.

Picking table runners and combining them with the main tablecloth and other decorative details is a very enjoyable experience. However, it does require some skills and creativity. Different occasions require different table decoration. Therefore, if you’re looking for some inspiration, keep on reading this short guide for some ideas and inspiration.

How to choose and combine table runners

Today, there are no very strict rules in design. With the appearance of different styles over time, as well as revivals of historic styles and blends with other trends, lots of previously unimaginable combinations which were even frowned upon have now become acceptable and even preferable. Therefore, be creative when choosing your table runners and accept these basic guidelines only as a piece of advice from our experienced interior designers.

  1. Materials. The offer of different materials in the market has never been more versatile. Traditionally, high-quality, elegant tablecloths and table runners were made of mostly natural materials, such as cotton, satin-cotton and high-quality linen cloths. Today, you can pick between dozens of different materials and the choices have become more free and versatile. You don’t have to stick with natural materials only. However, regardless of the material, always make sure you are buying only high-quality table runners, as you will definitely want to use them for several year.
  2. Combinations. A combination of different materials and textures of tablecloths, napkins and table runners will add a particularly rich note to your table arrangement. Don’t be afraid to combine a heavy, natural material main tablecloth and a lightweight, transparent, silky table runner. Play with materials until you find the best combination for the occasion.
  3. Patterns and colours. If your tablecloth is monochrome, you can deliberately play with table runner colours and patterns. Depending on the occasion, you can choose between modern geometrical shapes, romantic flowers or vivid abstract elements that will match with the theme of your table decoration.
  4. Textures. Different types of table runner textures are available, including patchwork, embroidered table runners, crochet, jacquard, printed, or knitted ones. You can choose the texture you prefer, but don’t forget that more serious and ceremonial occasions require somewhat more conservative and classic textures as well.

For daily use, waterproof table runners are the best option, especially if you have children. These will protect both your main tablecloth and the table itself.

In conclusion, table runners are the inevitable parts of table and dining accessories, having both protective and decorative role. Thanks to the attractive design, your table runner has a power of turning each meal into a special occasion.

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