How can the wall art decor enrich any room in your apartment?

When trying to bring movement, character, and life into spaces, especially those that are designed and arranged in a minimalist style, different forms of decoration are applicable to any room in your house or office. Among all of them, wall art decor has been singled out as the most creative solution for all tastes and types of spaces. It includes artistic and decorative forms based on wall stickers, wallpapers, wall clocks, posters, various unique wall accents, metal and 3D protrusion elements, mirrors, murals, tapestries, glass panels etc.

Let’s take a look at how wall art decor transforms any room into a room with a character!

“If these walls could talk…”

Do you want a wall that tells a story? Would you like to tell a story yourself and showcase it on your living room wall? Your friends and colleagues will definitely be amazed with your wall decoration choices. Wall art decor wallpapers and stickers are one of the easiest decorative elements you can use. Choose patterns and colors that fit the overall design of the space. Other good choice if you opt for a modern, Boho style are colorful tiles. Whether you own a fireplace or not, tiled walls can make the most prominent parts of the room appear much more interesting, vivid and stylish.

Even though some designers don’t think wave walls strictly belong to the wall art decor category, we think that wave walls are living its peak this year and a combination of a wave wall and floating shelves for your TV wall can be a winning combination when it comes to living room wall decoration.

Now, let’s talk about metal elements. This is another aspect of modern decor that is so unique, that it has the ability to fit various materials, shapes, colors and enrich your home decor in a sophisticated way. Metal walls, for example, represent the perfect option to revive your space for games or entertainment. In the same time, the space will express an irreplaceable chic air.

Mosaic walls are one of the favorite designers’ choices. The best thing with mosaic walls is the fact that you can make the mosaic yourself! Mosaics are actually the best tools for telling the story we talked about earlier.

Textures, colors, lights

One of the most wall decoration mistakes amateurs making is sticking to one texture, one color or shape. You can freely fit your textures and nuances, and with this mosaic approach you can add the desired interest to your space without standard decorative details like paintings, mirrors or shelves.

Lighting the wall with unique colors will emphasize your wall decor. You can play with wall stickers and lights in incredible ways.

Apart from lights, colors play a huge role in creating the overall impression of your wall art decor. Even if you stick to the minimalist design, it is time to revive your home with somewhat more colorful details. This automatically attracts attention to that part of the room.

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